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Clear View Type Oil Level Indicator
Metal View Type Butterfly Valves


Breathing is the process in which the Transformer take air inside or pushes it outside, The silica Gel Breather helps in dehumidifying the air and also remove foreign impurities from the transformer. The Breather is connected to the transformer by either threaded or flanged portion.

Clear View Type

Entire Mass of Silicagel is visible from very long distance.
Complete range from 0.060 kg. to 15 kg.


Metal View Type

We are giving porosity free aluminium sheet metal body with good strengh & finishing.
Complete range from 0.125 kg. to 10 kg.


Oil Level Indicator

The Gel content or the size of the Breather is Determined by the Volume of air Passing Through the Breather the oil Contents of the Transformer and the Atmospheric Conditions at the Place of Installation. Hence the Transformers Manufacturer or the Ultimate user Should Decide the size of Breather that Would Suit his Transformer

However, for General Guidance we give below the recommended size of Breather for Various transformers ratings along with the Corresponding Oil Contents.

Material Nylon- 6

A 190 x 65 (7½")
B 155 x 70 (6")
C 135 x 58 (5½")
D 100 x 50 (4")

Butterfly Valves